Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga – Beginner Friendly



A one-hour vacation to the land of breath, movement, and presence.

Create a flow state in your mind (in which the background noise gets a little bit quieter) by using your breath to guide your movement: into, out of, and in-between the postures. We will stretch, strengthen, explore, find balance, and perhaps most importantly look for a brief respite from the constant worries and stories about the past and future. Spoiler alert: by practicing mindfulness here it will come to you more readily throughout your daily life, and for me that has been an overall positive effect so far.

Also, as big of a smile as you like is appropriate for this entire practice. Even though this may be hard, we want to make it look easy. This relates to the Hatha Yoga principles of “sthira” and “sukham” (steadiness and ease). If you are unable to smile in a posture (or unable to breathe), that is great. It is a clear indication you have gone past your “edge” and need to back up a bit to reassess your depth in the posture.

Asana List:
0:00 Sukhasana “Easy”
3:00 Tadasana “Mountain”
5:40 Ardha Uttanasana “Half-Standing Forward Bend”
6:40 Balasana “Child’s Pose”
7:10 Hasta Bandha
8:20 “Cat/Cow”
9:30 “Hip Circles”
10:30 Classical Surya Namasakar “Classical Sun Salutaion”
11:50 Anjaneyasana “Low Lunge”
15:10 Ashtanga Pranam “Knees, Chest, Chin”
15:40 Bhujangasana “Cobra”
16:10 Classical Surya Namasakar (cont’d.)
16:50 Ashta Chandrasana “High (Crescent) Lunge”
20:00 Utkatasana “Chair”
21:40 Parivrrta Utkatsana “Revolved Chair”
23:00 Virabhadrasana I “Warrior I”
36:40 Virbhadrasana II w/ Ardha Chandrasana “Warrior II w/ Half-Moon”
32:00 Vrksasana “Tree”
35:00 Garudasana “Eagle”
37:00 Tuladandasana “Balancing Stick”
38:30 Eka Pada Galavasana “Flying Pigeon”
40:50 Salabhasana “Locust”
41:50 Salamba Bhujangasana “Sphinx”
42:50 Anhatasana “Melted Heart”
45:20 Ardha Badha Padma Paschimotthansasana “Half-Bound Lotus Intense West Stretch”
48:40 Upavista Konasana “Wide-Angle Foorward Fold”
50:00 Supta Matsayendrasana “Reclined Twist”
52:00 Viparita Karani “Active Reversal”
54:00 Savasana “Corpse”
59:00 Sukhasana

Music by:
Nico Georis
Cam Cairn
Green Waves

0:00 Green Waves – Tones
6:20 Cam Cairn – Did Not Go Out 1 7 2017
17:50 Nico Georis – blue sparkle
19:45 Nico Georis – into the wild blue yonder
25:50 Nico Georis – ethiopian space program
30:40 Nico Georis – 3rd attempt at levitation
41:40 Green Waves – Mellow Slidin’
42:40 Cam Cairn – Opal Onset 12 – 29 – 17

Music-Free Version:

Hope you enjoy! Namaste.