5 Yoga Poses for Depression



Depression often occurs when we get stuck in negative thinking patterns. It makes us feel slow and murky. Yoga is all about intention-setting. The goal is to be 100 percent present during your practice. The combination of physical effort with a focus on breathing and relaxation can help with depression symptoms.

5 Yoga Poses for Depression:

Standing Forward Fold –
is for emptying out your head. Imagine you have a little trap door on the crown of your head when bending forward. Just open it up and shake that brain trash out.

Downward Facing Dog –
reverses your body’s blood flow, which is good for circulation. It also energizes the body.

Dolphin –
helps you prepare for handstand or a milder inversion. It helps to calm the brain, relieving stress and depression.

Upward Facing Bow –
is an endorphin releaser, as are all other backbends. This pose will help bring some happiness back into your body. It also goes deep intoc your central nervous system, boosting your energy levels.

Corpse Pose –
it’s always nice to end in a five-minute relaxation pose.

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