Yoga poses – Best ab workouts for core strength



Today’s yoga pose is called the boat pose and it is the best ab work if you want to develop core strength.
Core strength is the vital force that holds you steady in your asana. Without a strong physical centre, every yoga pose you do is in danger of falling apart from the inside out. Core strength is what lets you keep it together.
How does this yoga move or ab workout help? It strengthens your hips, abdominal muscles, tones your thighs and gives you a flat stomach. These abdominal exercises are also excellent for improving body balance and coordination.
This ab workout routine or the navasana yoga pose is an excellent stretching exercise for strengthening your legs and lower back.
This asana opens your chest and increase the lung capacity, it even stimulates your thyroid and in turn increases metabolism.
How to do boat pose:
Start in a seated posture on the mat. Bring the feet together, knees touching.
Take the palms on to the inside of the knees, inhale and lengthen through the spine.
Make sure you are sitting directly on your sitting bones.
As you lengthen, inhale and lean back, coming on to the toes and slowly lift up your feet, bringing the lower legs parallel to the ground.
If this feels good, you can straighten the arms out and try to balance. All the while, keep your back nice and straight, toes pointing out. Inhale and exhale. Breathe nice and free, hold for five to ten breathes. And then when you are ready to release, take the palms on the back of the knees. Relax the feet down and there you go – Boat pose.

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