Beginner Yoga – 25 Min Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Beginners – Yoga Workout for Beginners



This yoga video is a 25 Min Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Beginners – Yoga Workout for Beginners! //EXPAND FOR MORE INFO//

Hi! I’m Christina, and welcome to my yoga YouTube channel, ChriskaYoga! This is a 25 minute Yoga Class for Beginners, and it’s in the style of vinyasa flow. You may have asked how to do beginner yoga or how to start beginner yoga, and in this video, I’ll show you how! If this is your very first yoga experience, then give my Yoga for Complete Beginners class a try:

Begin on the floor in savasana and then hug one leg in towards your chest at a time (eka pada apanasana). After this we’ll come to hug both knees in towards the chest and then come onto the hands and knees for a few cat and cow poses. Next we’ll take out first downward facing dog pose (adho mukha svanasana). Then take several modified sun salutations (surya namaskar a).

For standing poses, we will take a warrior 2 (virabhadrasana II) on both sides with a bit of movement (flying warrior), and then we will come into triangle pose (trikonasana). Next, we will come into a wide legged forward bend (prasarita padottonasana) and come into side angle pose on both sides (uttitha parsvakonasana).

We will then come to a seat and take a one legged twist (marichyasana C), modified boat pose (navasana), and bridge pose before hugging knees into the chest (apanasana) and taking a supine twist on both sides. We will end the class with a savasana.

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