Yoga for Weight Loss Yoga Workout (1 hour)



✪ This power yoga workout for weight loss is an excellent full body at home workout with an emphasis on twists, shoulder openers and backbends, working into locust pose (shalabasana), bow pose (danurasana) and wheel (urdvha danurasana).

This well rounded practice also includes plenty of vinyasa and standing poses to keep your heart moving and body working. Led by renowned Los Angeles Yoga teacher, Michelle Goldstein of Heart Alchemy, this routine is certain to inspire your practice.

Michelle brings a simple practicality to her instruction that results in a safe and easy to understand yoga workout. This vinyasa flow is intended to open the chakras, while improving strength, coordinated breathing, flexibility, stamina, awareness and relaxation.

About Michelle Goldstein: Michelle has maintained a daily yoga practice for 16 years. Micgelle has studied and practiced with many inspiring teachers including Max Strom, Saul David Raye, Bryan Kest of Santa Monica Power Yoga, Erich Schiffman, Annie Carpenter, Vinnie Marino, & Jerome Mercier. Michelle has been teaching flow and meditation for over 10 years and leads workshops, immersions & retreats worldwide as well as teaching at Santa Monica Power Yoga & Equinox Fitness Clubs. Known for her creative vinyasas (sequences of asana) and pranayama, Michelle Goldstein’s teaching integrates influences from various forms of movement and meditation set to powerfully inspiring backdrops of music.

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