Weight Loss & Sculpting Yoga Routine: Chisel Away (open level)



This Yogea sequence is based on isometric contractions – coupling static and dynamic asana flow with intense twists and resistance training to help you lose weight and sculpt your perfect silhouette. A dynamic warm up fires up all the muscles in the body and prompts easier fat burn. Standing static but contorted poses, containing variations of twists and binds squeeze the toxins out of the liver, kidneys and bladder while strengthening muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. A variety of forward bends, backbends, sitting and semi-inverted twists create extra room for isometric and isotonic contractions massaging the organs, boosting digestion and elimination and augmenting the static dynamism of opposition pull with pulsating contractions and releases. The joints are protected and stabilized, the tendons are safely stretched and suppleness is attained. Muscle tone is further achieved by alternating isometric contractions against gravity with interval alternation in pace and dynamic. The chiseling effect comes from micro-contractions, twists and the hovering of the whole body in a moment of suspension and levity. An inspiring creative visualization of molding your perfect image of body, mind and soul offers a mindlful way to carve out the best “you”.