My Yoga Routine



This was originally meant to be a yoga tutorial, where I went through every posture with you and guided you through the entire practice. However, I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and wasn’t happy with the result, so instead of throwing it away entirely, I decided to time lapse it for you to see 🙂 My routine/practice changes DAILY! But in saying that, This is what any random day could potentially look like! I like to mix up yoga with a bit of strength and toning exercises too – they seem to go hand in hand so well!
P.s only some postures are only practiced on one side in this video. that is because of injury and of course I would normally practice them on BOTH sides equally 🙂
p.p.s the video also cut off at the end because my camera ran out of battery (I am notorious for forgetting to charge things ahah!) Sorry!! x