How to Modify Common Yoga Poses (Yoga Modifications) – Yoga for Beginners



Yoga modifications you must know! More videos like this in my video course If you’re a beginner (new to yoga) or dealing with an injury, learn how to modify common poses like side plank, high lunge and even child’s pose, if you have limited range of motion, wrist pain, or other injuries.

In this video I cover:

How to Modify Side Plank
How to Modify High Lunge
How to Modify Eagle Pose
How to Modify Your Yoga Practice for Wrist Injuries
How to Modify Child’s Pose
How to Modify Tree Pose

It’s *essential* to learn these modification for yoga poses rather than pushing yourself into a pose that could potentially injure you more!

Remember, your job is to make sure you listen to your body and create a practice that meets you where you are — not to strive and push harder if you’re feeling pain or discomfort.

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Brett: I wanted to make a special video just for those of you that are newer or starting out, explaining all the modifications that you can do in yoga. Modifications are like the secret language of yoga that make poses accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability. So let’s take a look at some of the common modifications, so you can make maybe more advanced poses that you see in my sequences accessible to you right now.

Brett: I hope you enjoyed this guide to common modifications that you could use. Use modifications in your practice and your body will thank you. Remember that yoga is supposed to be individualized and tailored so it works for you, not the other way around. And if you like this practice, you might really like my Seven Secrets to Yoga course which is really appropriate for beginners. There’s a link to it right below the video. I’m looking forward to getting your feedback and your questions in the comments below. Make sure to share this video with a friend, like if you enjoyed and of course subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. From my heart to yours, Namaste.