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Beginners Yoga Stretches | 15 Min Yoga Stretches for Beginners | Yoga for Flexibility ~ ChriskaYoga – At home yoga


Hi! I’m Christina, and welcome to my yoga YouTube channel, ChriskaYoga! This is a 15 minute yoga stretch for beginners! This is a simple and easy basic yoga routine that you can do to stretch out your body. This class is considered a hatha yoga for beginners class. However, it takes place solely on the ground.

This one guides you through how to stretch for beginners, and it gives you a great stretching routine for beginners. Perfect if you’re just starting out with yoga or looking to just slow down.

This class is going to provide you with some great yoga positions for beginners that will help you to gain and maintain flexibility. It is excellent for cooling down the body, calming you down, and allowing you to relax. You can also do this one before bedtime! It releases tension from common areas where we are tight in the body.

In this class, we’ll be moving through child’s pose (balasana), twist in child’s pose, low lunge (lizard pose), bound angle pose (baddha konasana), extended angle pose (upavista konasana), supine pigeon (thread the needle), hug the legs in (apanasana), and savasana if you’d like.

I hope you enjoy it!

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