Beginners Yoga Flow 2015 (17 minutes) Nikka Pamenter



Beginners Yoga Flow from Nikka Pamenter is a short, gentle introduction to yoga. It’s a great yoga for beginners practice for people seeking to give yoga a try in 2015.

About Nikka: Nikka Nadia Pavla Pamenter grew up in a small town of Wisconsin. She has been dancing since age six, began her yoga teacher training in high school to supplement dance, prevent and heal injury, and find peace of mind amongst the anxieties of adolescence. Yoga has now become a way of life for her. Since completing her certification in Hatha Yoga she has explored and accomplished further training in Vinyasa, Ahstanga, Iyengar, Anusara, and Chi-gong. She is fiercely passionate and continuously curious about the mind body connection. Nikka graduated from UW Milwaukee with a BFA in Dance and a Somatics minor. Her fascination with the mind- body relationship has compelled her to study the Alexander Technique intensely throughout college while also taking yoga, dance classes, workshops, and intensives throughout the country and Europe.

Nikka moved to LA two years ago for the warm weather, yoga, ocean air, and arts. Currently, she is working as a leading behavior therapist for children with autism, and teaching yoga around the city. Nikka also enjoys teaching senior citizens, volunteering, writing poetry and choreographing on her free time.

“As I pursue my journey towards union, balance, and bliss within myself I joyfully and gratefully guide others to reveal their inner wisdom, light, and contentment.”

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