30 Min Hatha Yoga for Beginners – Gentle Beginners Yoga Class – Yoga Basics



30 Min Hatha Yoga for Beginners – Gentle Beginners Yoga Class – Yoga Basics
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Hi! I’m Christina, and welcome to my yoga YouTube channel, ChriskaYoga! This is a 30 minute Hatha Yoga Class for Beginners. In this class we will be getting back to the yoga basics, explaining things very thoroughly, and moving at a slower pace. This class is great for a gentle low impact workout and yoga stretch. You will need a yoga strap (yoga strap: – sub w/ belt or scarf) for this class.

We will begin laying on the ground in savasana before we hug one leg into the chest (eka pada apanasana) and take a supine twist and flow into stretching the hamstring using our yoga strap (supta padangustasana). Next we will move through several cat and cow poses, take a downward facing dog pose (adho mukha svanasana) and stretch in low lunge (lizard pose). Then we’ll briefly rest in child’s pose (balasana).

Next we will come into another downward dog and flow into mountain pose (tadasana). After this, we will take a standing pose sequence with warrior 2 (virabhadrasana II) into triangle pose (trikonasana), and we will add a bit of dynamic movement with flying warrior. In between the sides, we will take a wide leg forward bend (prasarita padotonasana).

To finish the sequence, we will lay on the back and take a supine pigeon pose (thread the needle) to stretch the hamstring and glute before coming into a relaxing savasana.

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