Upper Body Workout with Warrior Yoga Pose



If you want to sculpt your body like an athlete, and strengthen it, this video on upper body workout with Warrior Yoga pose is a must for you. We’ve all been told how important physical exercise is for our body and if you believe in this, this upper body workout is the right yoga workout for you!

Upper body strength is important as it is the upper body that helps you perform throughout the day – be it lifting or pulling or pushing or reaching out for something. In addition, a fit upperbody gives you a pleasing as well as healthy appearance. Also, the most important part is that strengthening your abs and core muscles means you are burning calories more faster!

Today in this video on upper body workout with Warrior Yoga pose we will work your upper abdominals. This yoga workout is excellent to strengthen your body and at the same time this is the yoga for flexibility too.

Why do we work out? Most of us workout in order to either lose weight or maintain an ideal weight

The warrior upper body workout is a position that stimulates strength as well as power. This ab workout not just stretches your back, but also some parts of your lower body.

To begin the pose, come to warrior one upperbody workout from downward facing dog.

Bending foward, walk the palms up. Inhale and step the right foot foward in between the two palms and drop the left heel down on the ground.

Inhale and come back up.

Make sure your hips are facing foward and you are activating the back leg and the right knee is in line with the right heel.

Try to slightly turn in the left hip. Inhale, reach the arms up, exhale and drop the shoulders down.

Feeling strong in the legs, take the palms behind, bringing the palms together in a prayer pose.

Inhale, do a mini arch at the back, interlock the fingers, exhale, bring the head down towards the right toes.

Inhale and back up. Straightening the right leg, turn the toes in and the left toes out. Repeat on the other side.

Hold this position for at least 30 seconds to one minute. Release, and then repeat on the opposite side. Do this for three sets, and then you can rest.

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