Liver Detox Yoga Routine: Sponge Away (open level)



Designed and performed by our inspiring Yogea teacher Marina Grubic.
This Yogea routine offers breathing tools and valuable poses to flush toxins from the liver and the other digestive organs, as well as to process unresolved emotions that have been hampering vital organ functions. A Qi-Gong based tapping breath with an emphasis on pelvic twists squeezes toxins out of the liver and spleen and boosts their filtering functions. Seated, kneeling and standing twists alternate with forward bends and twisted low lunges, and lead to complex balancing poses with enhanced meridian stretching. Reclining hip openers roll into deep spinal twists and contracted back-bends. The purifying effect of yogic toe locking is stressed when performing poses at all levels and in all directions. Reclining backbends further massage the intestinal tract and promote regular bowel movements. Supine massage of the spleen and liver area, while lifting the hips and criss-crossing the arms regulates homeostatic balance in the body and invites beneficial bacteria into the gut. A progressive relaxation winds the body down and elicits the parasympathetic nervous system response, while clearing unwanted emotions and toxic residue.