Beginners Yoga Pose Routine For Improved Body Awareness



This yoga routine is for beginners with a moderate level of experience.
It includes tips for making wheel pose easier and also awareness exercises that may help improve forward bending yoga poses.

It’s designed to help you practice noticing pressure and changes in pressure where your body contacts the earth.

It’s also to help you get more comfortable with feeling and moving your shoulder blades
relative to your ribcage and using your shoulder blades to help initiate arm movements.

It also shows includes exercises where you can practice creating stability.

Postures include:
2:05 Sacrum and sitting bone awareness while kneeling
3:43 Weight shifting from side to side while standing
6:05 Standing forward bend
7:23 Standing forward bend with side to side weight shifting
9:00 Triangle forward fold (purvottanasa)
14:07 Warrior 1 with shoulder blade awareness exercise (accromion process and upper fibers of trapezius)
18:01 Standing side bend
21:08 Balancing on one leg forward bend variation 1
24:03 Balancing on one leg forward bend variation 2
26:06 Bound angle (butterfly pose or Baddha Konasana) variation 1
28:40 Bound angle variation 2
30:16 Upright pigeon with shoulder awareness and grounding awareness exercises
35:47 Table top/navasana sequence
39:17 Bridge Pose/Deal Dog Ab Exercise
41:35 Reverse Push Up (wheel Pose Prep)
43:10 Wheelpose set
46:48 Rolling variations with back rounded (spine bend forwards)
49:43 Seated Forward fold with sitting bone/sacral awareness
51:24 Bakasana with pressure awareness
55:00 recover and rest