Yoga Routine with Lara Dutta



Yoga Routine with Lara Dutta

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“A Yoga Routine to Re-balance, Restore and Revive You”
Under the Guidance of Yoga Expert Tonia Clark


In Sanskrit, the word yoga means “to unite” – it is a discipline that affects and enhances both the conscious self and the subconscious as well – ultimately, benefitting the practitioner on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and taking him/her to a higher, more balanced, joyful state of living. One of the fundamental principles of yoga is that we all can do it, and at any age.

“After having benefitted from this magnificent art, I have put together a series which aims at presenting all the asanas in a simple yet easy-to-follow manner, such that even a beginner can practice them safely and see the difference. Through this dvd, I will take you on an effortless journey through which you will learn various breathing exercises, different mudras & specific asanas. And very soon, just as with me, it will become a part of your every day life and a pathway to deep inner calm, emotional stability and immense physical well-being.” – Lara Dutta

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