Yoga Flow For Weight Loss – For Beginners (25 Minute Power Yoga Basics)



Think you can’t sweat in yoga? Think again.This power yoga workout for beginners is the perfect introduction to yoga – Body By Yoga style. Body By Yoga focuses on getting you the physical benefits without all of the hymns, chants, and gongs.

This is a sample clip from our beta program. Check out the final workout on Amazon today:

This 20 minute power yoga section will trim your belly, tone your muscles, and sculpt your core. Oh, and you might relax too.

This yoga workout for weight loss is just one section in our yoga DVD series for beginners. We put the rehearsal videos up on youtube to get your feedback during our beta stage!

Did you like the workout? What did you think of the cues and explanations. Let us know what you thought of the video and check out the rest of our free beta videos on youtube and on our website at

Yoga is the perfect low impact exercise you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Practice along to this video several times per week or practice yoga along with other forms of exercise for optimal weight loss results!

Prevent injuries, restore your body, improve balance and flexibility, and tighten that core with this yoga flow for weight loss for beginners.

If you have been curious about yoga and wondering what the heck “yoga flow” or “power yoga” means, then check out this video for an introductory yoga class that is going to make you sweat!