Hatha Yoga Poses: Shoulder Stand Whole Body Workout



Hatha Yoga Poses: Shoulder Stand

One excellent way to remove toxins from your body is to practice hatha yoga poses, especially the shoulder stand workout. Yoga practitioners believe that yoga exercises or yoga workouts is an excellent way to get rid of cravings – cravings could be for food, sleep, smoke or alcohol.

Doing a shoulder stand whole body workout benefits every part of your body. It literally works from your head to toe, meaning your whole body. This yoga sequence strengthens your abdomen, improves blood circulation to the spine, brain and the pelvic area. In addition it also gives relief from gastro-intestinal disorders and constipation.

The shoulder stand pose, also known as sarvangasana improves blood supply to your scalp in turn nourishing the roots of the hair, leading to prevention of hair loss and grey hair.

The benefits of shoulder stand also includes relief from asthma, balances the thyroid function by regulating your body’s metabolism. As the shoulder stand pose allows the blood to flow towards the thyroid gland, these glands get an excellent massage and this in turn leads to increased blood circulation.

Also, once your thyroid glands get regulated, you will automatically lose the weight you accumulated while suffering from thyroid issues.

The shoulder stand yoga move, which is an inverted post reduces the occurrence of hot flashes and night sweats that is commonly association with PMS or menopause.

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