DDP Yoga Workout | 08/08/2017 | Week 32, Session 2



As part of a way to keep myself motivated, as well as keep track of my progress and journey, I’ve decided to record my workout sessions.

I made the decision to try DDP Yoga, after seeing Arthur’s transformation video on Youtube, along with the testimonies of several others. Usually I’d find these kind of exercise programs too good to be true, but I needed to make some kind of positive physical change in my life.

I have multiple herniated discs in the lower lumbar region of my spine, and I’d like to be more flexible, full of energy, and possibly even several pounds lighter – so the potential to improve in these areas seems more than worth taking a chance. That, and DDP was my favorite wrestler in WCW, and one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, so it didn’t take much more to have me sold on the idea.

One thing that can’t be denied, however, is the results! I started out this plan with the 13 week Beginner Workout schedule, but I’m currently on the Intermediate Workout schedule!

I’ve started out at 263 lbs, and have continued to lose weight ever since I’ve started, and my back feels a million times better than it ever has before! The weight loss is real, and without any fancy diets, and these videos serve as proof!

Week 32, Session 2 workout
Below The Belt
Red Hot Core

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