Yoga Workout: Shoulder Shrugs – Yoga with André #3



Yoga Workout: Shoulder Shrugs – Yoga with André #3
Yoga tutorial by André Foisy (Locrian)
This is a Yoga exercise to help you relieve shoulder tightness.


Don’t push the head forward; keep the back of your skull bones over your sacrum;
Keep the chin parallel to the floor, so that the neck doesn’t strain;
Keep the arms relaxed so that this pose isolates the upper back and shoulder muscles;
Don’t round the shoulders forward between rounds;

-Strengthens the upper and mid-back
-Releases tension in the shoulders and neck
-Feels really good
-Increases mobility in the shoulder
-Helps with posture by opening up the check and eliminating hunching;

Song: “In Fulminic Blaze”
Music by: Locrian from “Bless Them That Curse You” Available here:

Shot and Edited by: 20K Films

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