Yoga for Beginners Yoga Class – Five Parks Yoga (Bonus Iguana Visit!)



This beginners yoga class is designed for anyone who is brand new to yoga, OR anyone who is interested in returning to a class with foundational structure and postures. This class includes information about the yoga poses, including the purpose and desired results from each pose. I include a lot of alignment cues so that you can practice poses with options. Most poses are held for a long enough time that you can explore the options and find what works for you. Standing poses are introduced one by one, (not in a flow), with very detailed instruction. Yoga Poses include, but are not limited to cat/cow, mountain, Warrior 2, Triangle, Side Angle pose, Tree pose, Cobra, seated forward fold, butterfly, and many, many more!

Watch the class for a surprise (I jumped…) visit from a giant iguana, it’s a great yoga break time. You can also jump to 23:45 to see it now 🙂

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Yoga Instructor: Erin Sampson
Location: Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Venue: Casa Colorado
Yoga Pants: Favobodinn

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