Yoga For Beginners – Gentle Yoga with Flow (45 Minutes)



This is a full class perfect not just for yoga beginners, but for anyone who would like a gentle practice. This is a gentle yoga practice with very gentle flow included into the practice to build mind body connection. Lots of emphasis on breath and movement in this class also helps to strengthen the connection.

Here is the yoga sequence:
– Savasana (centering and down-regulating)
– Awaking joints by moving fingers and toes, wrists and ankles
– Windshield wipers on the back to warm up hip joints and low back muscles
– wind relieving pose, circling knees for low back massage
– wind relieving flow apanasana
– dynamic bridge pose flow, with shoulder work to build strength in legs and to stretch hip flexors
-rolling into seated, sit on blanket
-easy pose sukhasana – support as neccessary
– sufi rolls, circling the torso in one direction and then the other
– shoulder work, breathing with arm movement
– seated twist flow
– shoulder rolls
– seated side stretch flow
– spinal flexion and extension flow, with forearm stretch
– neck rotations to stretch out tired neck and shoulder muscles
– focused neck stretch
– tabletop pose
– cat and cow pose flow
– side stretch puppy pose on both side
– puppy dog pose
– bird dog or puppy dog pose (great for strengthening core / abs)
– bird dog flow
– downward dog (optional)
– standing forward bend
– half sun salutations
– half sun salutations with standing half moons (side stretches)
– half sun salutations with standing spinal twists and forearm stretch
– forward bend with spinal twists
– warrior two virabradasana
– reversed warrior
– wide angle forward bend
– forward bend
– seated twists Half Lord of the Fishes Pose Ardha Matsyendrasana
– cobblers pose (badhakonasana)
– spinal twist on the back (feels great on the low back)
– and sweet, sweet savasana


Yoga Music:
Meditation Impromptu 01 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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