What Style of Yoga Is Best For Beginners? (Which Yoga Is Right For Me?)



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Have you recently asked yourself, ‘Which Yoga is right for me?’ Overwhelmed by all of the options but want to know what style of Yoga is best for you? This video breaks down the different types of Yoga and their benefits for you to decide what the best type of Yoga is for you (whether you’re a beginner or advanced.)

After watching this video you’ll learn about the most popular types of Yoga: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Nithyananda, and what the best Yoga type is for you (including a breakdown/guide on some new types of Yoga that are common today.)

Below are the 3 scriptural references used in the video:

“It is to be known that there are six limbs of Yoga. Now listen to those various subservient parts of yogic practice: pratyahara, dhyana, pranayama, dharana, asana, and Samadhi are the six constituents of the Yoga system.” – Kirana Agama, Yoga Pada 2.3

“The unique system of Yoga exclusively belonging to Siva is known as ‘Sivasadbhava Yoga’ which is centered on the essential qualities of Sadashiva and on the nature of being eternally free from the three limiting factors – *anava, karma and maya…” – Raurava Agama – Mantrartha Varnanam X.22

“Being ever-relevant and superior to all other systems of Yoga, the specific Yoga known as Sivasadbhava Yoga is always in much exalted state. Being firmly established in this unique Yoga, He is always in delighted state. Therefore He is called ‘Nitya Yogi’ by the experts in knowing the essential nature of tattvas.” – Raurava Agama – Mantrartha Varnanam X.23


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