Sun Salutation Flow for Beginners (Free Class)



Welcome to the wonderful world of yoga! When you’re just beginning your yoga practice, it’s important to take it slow, be safe, and enjoy the journey. Whether this is your very first Sun Salutation, or if you’re still getting acclimated to the Vinyasa yoga practice, this is a great video for beginner yogis.

☀️ Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit, are the foundation to Vinyasa flows, and we’ll break down each pose in that series. Explore common yoga poses that you see in most Vinyasa yoga classes, and learn alignment techniques to make sure you’re practicing them safely and correctly.

Follow along with yoga teacher Ashton August as she guides you through a short and sweet Sun Salutation flow geared specifically towards beginner yoga students. You’ll come away feeling more confident in your poses and yoga practice as a whole.

Revisit this Sun Salutations video as often as you need to, and continue coming back to gauge your progress and build strength and endurance along the way. Have questions about anything we cover in this yoga video? Ask Ashton in the comments below!

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