Prenatal Yoga Routine: Gift Of Life (3rd Trimester)



This Yogea routine focuses on poses that prepare for delivery and breathing techniques that help you navigate through intense contractions. Because the joints are more supple, and tender a combination of stretching and strengthening gives you the balance you need. The sequence introduces moon salutes that open the spine and chest, tone the legs and elicit the yielding response through the body. Low lunges, kneeling hero poses and all fours create a stable base for moderate twists and hip openers. Supine poses stretch all muscle groups as they provide sufficient room for the growing belly. The crown of the head is stimulated by subtle inversions and the hormones are regulated through supported poses that reboot the pineal and pituitary glands. The focus is on safe hip openers and squats that prepare for the upcoming pull of gravity, and open forward bends that calm the mind and instill a sense of tranquility and acceptance.