Prenatal Yoga Routine: Calm Interior (2nd Trimester)



This Yogea routine targets the needs of moms to be in their second trimester and focuses on building strength, while relieving muscle soreness, and turning the focus inwards. A series of gentle diaphragmatic breathing and mudra flow opens up space in the belly and brings blood flow and nutrients to the baby. The sequence starts by gently massaging the hamstrings and lubricating all joints. Gentle seated hip openers and safe strengthening balances are introduced to open up the pelvic floor and harness a steady center. A series of soothing backbends and semi-lunges pave the way to introspective ham string openers and stabilizing standing poses. The mountain poses are coupled with shoulder and hip openers for stability and suppleness. Chest openers fuel the joy of motherhood and open more space in the belly. Semi-reclining forward bends activating the pineal gland turn the awareness inwards into the subtle body and reinforce the connection between baby and mom. Gentle massage of the lower back and toning of the abdominals pairs with arms strengthening to tone and sooth. A supported relaxation guides moms to creatively visualize the serene stability of her developing child.