Power Yoga Workout – “Truth”



Power Yoga Workout – “Truth” yoga flow – w/ Michelle Goldstein filmed live at The Springs LA

A rigorous Power Yoga workout class to strengthen, open and balance body, mind and spirit. In this Power Yoga Flow video, yoga teacher Michelle Goldstein integrates conscious breathing, yoga philosophy and playful sense of humor with a strong yoga flow that will stretch and strengthen upper body, arms, shoulders, upper back, lower back, core muscles, hips and hamstrings. Filmed at The springs in Downtown LA’s Art’s District, this video also features actors/yogis:

Marina Resa: and
Ben Hensley: http/youtube.com/Henbensley

About Michelle:
Known for her creative vinyasas (sequences of yoga asana) and pranayama, Michelle Goldsteins teaching integrates influences from various forms of movement and meditation set to powerfully inspiring backdrops of music.

Approaching instruction with a deep spiritual reverence for the sacredness of yoga coupled with a joyous playful sense of humor, Michelles classes offer a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for students to come and explore their mental and physical boundaries.

Michelle leads workshops, immersions & retreats worldwide as well as teaching at Santa Monica Power Yoga & Equinox Fitness Clubs. She has studied with many inspiring teachers, among them Power Yoga master Bryan Kest, Annie Carpenter, Max Strom, Jerome Mercier and Erich Schiffman.

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