Power Yoga Beginners: Full Body Workout



This is just a preview power yoga course with Darius Wright, you can check out the full Building Yoga Strength Level 1 video series here:

Power Yoga For Beginners: Full Body Workout – Darius Wright – KTS Wholistic Fitness

Building Yoga Strength is designed to teach you the basic fundamentals to build strength in and out side your yoga training.
This program is split up into 12 videos. Working on all aspects of your body
1. Full Body workout training
2. Learning Yoga Basics
3. Mobility & Flexibility Progression
4: Balance & Proprioception Training
5: Assessment Video
6: Mindset and goal setting
and more..
Working with this plan, you will build not only strength and flexibility, but overall body awareness and control. This program is fun, the workout videos are indepth and informative and you are encouraged to work at your own pace. I have designed this program for maximum, fast results to keep you motivated and enjoying yourself.

You can check out the full Building Yoga Strength Level 1 series by Darius Wright here:

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