Morning Yoga Routine: Jump-start Your System (open level)



Designed and performed by our inspiring Yogea teacher Marina Grubic.
This fast paced Yogea routine composed of repetitive movements awakens the whole system and stimulates every body part. Rubbing the hands into the body promotes circulation and breathing while twisting sponges the spine out of any toxic residue from the previous day. Gentle twisted leaning on both sides stretches the ribcage and creates length through the entire torso. The warm up flows dynamically and opens all the different joints, fires up all the muscle groups. Standing neutrally and externally rotated couple with arm movements and binds build strength and a sense of center. Kneeling balances and back bends, paired with forward leaning hip openers, allow the body to curve in all directions. A middle section of core, leg and arm strengtheners stretch and tone the side, back and front of the body. A comforting kneeling forward bend stretches the entire spine, calms the mind and opens the intuition for a brand new day.