Morning Yoga Routine: Gear Up (open level)



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This routine blends a variety of invigorating, grounding and centering poses that mix into a jolt of kinetic and mental “coffee.” A grounding warm up from mountain pose allows for correct postural alignment – empowering the legs and arms and stretching the sides of the waist. Abdominal ripples with shoulder openers wake up all the systems and foster a sense of undulating flow. Low lunges expand into standing warriors and descend down into supported arches to create a multi-leveled and multi-sensory experience. Kneeling twists morph into meridian crossings to bring about a state of neutrality and calm, while bound externally rotated standing and seated poses wake up the hips and shoulders. Joyous backbends coupled with gentle inversions nurture all the glands and open the heart. A brief standing meditation helps set a vibrant intention and gears you up for a productive and delightful day ahead.