Leg Workout – 5 Minute Yoga Workout – Day 10/30 Day Challenge



This is a Leg workout that is 5 minutes yoga workout for your lower body.

It’s important to build a strong lower body to have a strong foundation in the rest of your poses and to create proper support for your spine and shoulders.

I’ve decided to do a 30 Day 5 Min Yoga Challenge where I tell myself that I’ll practice for just 5 Mins a day and if I go over, then fine and, if not, then at least I got a few minutes of practice to ground and center. Feel free to watch to get any ideas for yourself.

If you struggle with committing to a workout/Yoga practice, try telling yourself, just 5/10 mins and I’m done. It takes a great weight off the ego and clears resistance which allows room for small changes and small changes lead to big growth.

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Music by: Tyler August

Yoga and breathing aids in relieving depression and anxiety. Steady breath stimulates our PNS which is our at response system responsible for digestion and healing. Our sympathetic nervous system is like Wario and our parasympathetic nervous system is like Mario.

Get to know yoga from the comfort of home and a taste of what a class would be like. Or, if you’re too busy to commit a full hour then this is the morning routine for you.

Each week will offer a new half-hour yoga flow to follow along from home that offers full body stretches and warm up. Won’t make you dripping with sweat but will heat your body and focus your mind.

Instructor: Joy Scola from the YouTube channel, Psychetruth.

I wasn’t born “bendy”. When I first started my health journey, I couldn’t touch my toes and backbends HURT! They gave me headaches and made me feel cranky. Since I thought backbends were the worst, I decided to make it a focus in my practice. So grunting and while silently cursing in my mind, I stretched. Now, I love backbends!

I still find that if I don’t practice for a while, I get stiff in my body and remember why I started yoga in the first place. Some days you may not feel very up to it. Listen to and be gentle with your body when this arises. Go easy and move with your breath while we gently wake up the body and mind. Moving oxygen into the bloodstream to feel more refreshed, centered, and focused.