Kundalini Yoga, Clear out the gunk and feel better with this Cleansing Set



Get Next Level Kundalini Classes Beautify and lighten your body with this great cleansing set.

There is no time like now to do a great Cleansing Set. If you are a seasoned practitioner do not be fooled by the title Beginners Cleansing Set, it is a hard working set for all levels and yet also very doable by all levels. Start where you are and the yoga will meet you. And I promise you, the more you practice, the more practiced you will become :).

Protection Mantra:
Aaad Guray Nameh-I bow to the Primal Wisdom
Jugad Guray Nameh-I bow to the wisdom through the ages
Sat Guray Nameh-I bow to the true wisdom
Siri Guru Dev Nameh-I bow to the great, unseen wisdom

This mantra is great to protect your home, children, loved ones and when driving and riding in a vehicle.

And if you are stuck, this is the mantra!

When things stop and won’t move, this makes them move in your direction~Yogi Bhajan

Benefits of Beginners Cleansing Set:
Exercise 1 stimulates the navel point
Exercise 2 adds the creative power of sexual energy
Exercise 3 restimulates navel point
Exercise 4 adjusts chemical balance in the blood, helps the lower back and waistline
Exercise 5 moves energy to the brain and eyes
Exercise 6 removes residual tension to allow deep relaxation.

Women: Remember no Breath of Fire on the first 3 days of your cycle, this would be a good time to choose a deep breathing set :).

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed recording it, yes we are inside for a while, it is too chilly to record outside, but know as soon as it’s warm enough we will be back in out beautiful locations.

I’d love to know how it was for you.

Sat Nam

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