Hormonal Balance Yoga Routine: Navigation Reset (open level)



This Yogea routine stimulates proper glandular secretion through all the bodily systems. A kneeling inversion kicks off the sequence as it triggers the happy chemicals secreted by the hypothalamus. The reproductive, adrenal, pancreatic, thymus, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary and pineal glands are stimulated by a chain of standing kneeling and reclining inversions, back bends, seated forward bends and twists. Unhealthy habits and stuck energy patterns are reformed and released by joint openers as the main “bandas” or energy locks are activated and held. Every bodily system is flushed and catalyzed by a wide pallet of animal poses. Like an asana zoo this sequence flows through pineal stimulating rabbit, pancreatic boosting peacock, gonad boosting lizard, immune nurturing fish and relaxation inducing butterfly. Both sides are played, one after the other as the right and left brain come in synch, and the “ying-yang” equilibrium is restored. The whole system is bathed in life nurturing hormones and brought back to homeostatic balance so you can enjoy the freedom and power to reset you system and cater it to your individual choices and life purpose.