Hip Stretches for Pain Relief and To Open Hips – Simple Yoga Poses



Learn how to do hip stretches and hip exercises through simple yoga poses and yoga asanas. This yoga video tutorial will help you to understand how yoga practice can help to treat your hip pain and add strength to your hips. These yoga positions are hip flexor stretches that improve your hip flexibility, gives more strength to your hip muscles and hip joint. The stretching exercises given in this yoga tutorial are also good to treat your hip flexor pain, sciatica, groing pain and lower back pain.

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Pigeon pose
Step 1:
Place the palms on the mat & slide the left knee in between the palms. Make sure the left knee is pointing towards the front of the mat

Step 2:
Roll the hips a little till both hip bones are facing forward

Step 3:
Keep the foot next to the right hip bone & begin to walk the palms up

Step 4:
Inhale & lift the palms up, bringing them together over the head

Step 5:
Exhale & gently move into a back bend

Step 6:
Gently release, drop the palms down & walk them towards the front. Bring your head down, stay there for a bit & slowly come back up

King Pigeon Pose

Step 1:
Bend the right knee & hook the foot into the corner of the elbow

Step 2:
Take the left palm & interlock the fingers with the right

Step 3:
Face forward, keep the chest open & to release, drop the palms down

Step 4:
Release the leg, tuck in the toes of the back leg, join both knees together & switch sides

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