Hip & Shoulder Opening Yoga Routine: Reinvent Yourself (open level)



This open Yogea sequence dissolves stiffness in the hips and shoulder girdles, as it lubricates the ball and socket joints and sooths tension build-up in the lower back and neck. A brief shoulder and elbow warm up starts off the sequence, offering deltoid pulls and gentle side bends and twists to secure fluid motion in the hips and effortless binds. The shoulder girdle is further opened by a table pose in forward and backward motion to massage the rotator cuff, prepare the lower back and stretch the calves. Then standing and reclining bound and twisted shoulder openers are combined with external hip rotators and intricate arm meridian crossings. Forward bends couple with hip openers, while seated and reclining spinal twists lengthen the lumbar area to facilitate deeper gluteus stretching. Standing neutrally and externally rotated poses paired with various shoulder binds offer simultaneous extension of the hip and shoulder muscles. Abdominally invigorating and heart-opening back bends include shoulder and arm binds to provide a total stretching of the mid back and an elongation through the lower back and sides of the waist. Soothing inversions conclude the sequence and take the body into a calming relaxation. The sequence pulsates from standing to reclining, from bound to neutral, from inversions to hip openers, from shoulder stretches to forward bends to provide a total experience of releasing inhibiting identity patterns and rooting into one’s integrated self.