Heart-opening Yoga Routine: True Color (open level)



This Yogea routine targets the opening of the heart center and allows you to cultivate gratitude and unleash abundance in your life. The sequence starts reclining to give you a clear sense of grounding so you can trust the serendipitous play of the Divine Plan. A kneeling back bending series is followed by arched lunges and supported bridges to let gratitude gush into your cells and fill you up with a sense of purpose. Bound neutrally rotated standing poses open up the hip and shoulder joints and facilitate supple hamstrings. Belly arches stimulate the heart center countered by forward bends that calm the mind. The juxtaposition of attitudes reminds you when you need to open up to the world and when you need to draw the focus in and receive. A final supine upper chest opener uplifts the whole body to the miracles ahead and then grounds you down into an inspiring creative visualization on retrieving your true color and attracting abundance in your life.