Hatha Yoga for Beginners with Abiola Akanni



This beginner hatha sequence is filled with fiery, core stabilizing asanas and kundalini movement, and is designed with the solar plexus chakra in mind. You can find more classes from this online beginner hatha yoga video program here:

This preview class is from Abiola Akanni’s Divine Hatha program. In the full program you will:

• Unblock energy flow in your emotional and physical body and recharge your chakras with the higher principles of Spirit
• Move through hatha sequences that include creative heart openers, deep hip openers, and core stabilizers
• Explore various chakra-balancing postures and pranayama techniques
• Leave your mat with a new understanding of the sacred energies within you

About Abiola Akanni:

Abiola Akanni is an undeniable force in the yogic community, actively and intentionally cultivating truly holistic wellness and inclusivity for all fitness levels, genders, and ethnicities. A self-proclaimed self-love activist, she’s on a mission to create non-judgemental spaces for all to develop their personal yoga practice. This lead her to found Yoga by Biola, the platform from which she shares culturally expressive yoga rooted in yogic philosophy and infused with creative movement and music, offering gentle sound baths, the Divine Feminine Workshop, and Trap Vinyasa™.

On the cutting edge of the global yoga scene, you will find Abiola at the forefront of conversations surrounding body positivity, liberation, and spiritual awakening – within her Seattle community and at major festivals and conferences. Her liberating offerings and soulful, introspective teachings redefine what yoga is and who practices it, all the while inspiring many to walk out their dharma in grace and truth.

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