Gentle Yoga for Beginners – Hip Opening



While the hip joint’s main role is stabilization, it’s essential to maintain a healthy range of motion. Moderation is key: We want to strike a balance between strength and flexibility that is appropriate for our chosen activity. In our desk-bound society,hip-opening stretches help reduce discomfort and prevent injury. This yoga class is just over 30 minutes long. It is great class for beginners and those who are just looking for a gentle way to stretch tight hips.

Here is the run down of the yoga poses so that you can follow along:
Windshield wipers
Dynamic Bridges
Bridge pose
Figure four stretch or reclined pigeon
Figure four spinal twist
Dynamic Bridges with arms
Single legged Happy Baby pose
Leg circles for joint work
Cobblers badhakonasana pose
Dragon pose for hip flexor stretch
Gecko pose for inner thigh and hips
Shoelace pose (leds part of cow face pose)
Firgure four, reclined pigeon with option to deepen the pose even more
Reclined spinal twist

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