Friendly Beginner’s Yoga Routine With 12 Yoga Poses For A Toned Body



Learn the proper way to do basic yoga moves and yoga poses with personal trainer Rachel Browning. This yoga workout routine includes downward dog, cobra, plank, turbo plank with active serratus, crescent pose, runner’s lunge, bridge pose, yogic breathing, spinal twist, cat-cow, bird-dog, core work, and child’s pose. This video is a perfect yoga introduction for beginners and yet also useful for the experienced yogi. Rachel Browning covers the main yoga poses you would see in a Vinyasa yoga class (breath-synchronized movement). If you have injuries or you aren’t flexible, Rachel also shares alternate poses throughout the yoga demonstration. Try this beginner’s yoga exercise class to get toned and in shape!

– Rachel Browning –
Master Personal Trainer

– Produced by Larry Cook –
Author of The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living

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