Fallen Angel Pose Tutorial – Step by Step Arm Balance Demonstration



Fallen angel is one of my favorite arm balancing poses! Curious to know how to do it? Watch the tutorial to find out!
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A few weeks ago I posted a photo of myself on Instagram doing Fallen Angel Pose and I received a lot of questions about it!

To be honest, I’ve always felt that fallen angel was a pose that looked really fancy and complicated but in fact, I find it easier than a lot of other arm balances and inversions! I’ll show you my two favorite ways of doing Fallen Angel, the first way is to enter it from Side Crow and the other way is from Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2.

Before attempting this pose, you should be able to do crow pose, side crow and eka pada 1 and 2. If those poses aren’t yet in your repertoire, hold off before attempting this one otherwise you will hurt yourself.

Good conditioning to build up strength includes chaturanga pushups, core work and playing around with crow pose.

Sorry I got so out of breath in this tutorial! It turns out talking while demonstrating a pose is a lot harder than just doing the pose ๐Ÿ˜‰

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