Evening Yoga Routine: Sooth & Relax (intermediate level)



This Yogea sequence is intended to calm the mind, massage the ligaments and sooth the nervous system into a healthy sleep. Targeted reclining breathing techniques open the front and back of the body, and help it stretch while relaxing. A comfortable massage of the lower back relieves pressure from the lumbar spine caused by sitting all day. Subtle backbends alternate with core work and hamstring, hip and shoulder stretches to promote an overall stimulation of the joins, girdles and organs. A simple, but invigorating warm-up abounds with meridian crossings and soothing hip-openers to alleviate tension build up and energy clogging. Standing, sitting and reclining twists purify the organs, flushing away toxins and de-compressing the lumbar spine. Bound standing postures promote balance and inner peace by stimulating the right and left brain hemispheres. Quad openers pair with hamstring stretches and seated twists to nurture ligaments and tendons while catalyzing the detoxification and glandular stimulation process. The accent is on forward bends that elicit the parasympathetic nervous system response, and usher the mind and body into deep serenity states. The meditative pace and forward-bending focus of this sequence stimulates the background body and helps tap the subconscious reservoir of latent potency. The practice is contemplative and asks us to reflect on the lessons of each day with a sense of equanimity and appreciation. Poses are deliberately held longer to promote a deep physical, psychological and physiological effect, restoring the natural equilibrium of body and mind, soul and spirit.