De-Stress Yoga Routine: Restore The Flow (open level)



This Yogea sequence is designed to eliminate stress residue stored in the cells, and elicit the relaxation response in the body, restoring balance and inner peace. A special breathing technique involving pelvic twists and shoulder pulls warms up the ball and socket joints while rinsing out tension build up in the hip flexors. Stretching the scapula and undulating the spine boosts vitality, while crossing the meridians provides an even blood circulation and balances the right and left brain. A soothing skull massage in puppy pose stimulates the nerve endings and follicles to reduce tension. A series of externally and neutrally rotated standing poses facilitate a strong center, and further hip and psoas openers combined with reclining forward bends provide deep stretching for the lower body half. Rejuvenating backbends pair with shoulder openers to expose the stress to the surface and let it dissolve into a joyful burst. A series of seated forward bends, bridge poses and inversions sooth the body and reverse the flow of gravity to restore the flow. The relaxation pose reverses face down to embrace the Earth and release tension to encourage practitioners to fully merge with their balanced self.