Beginners Yoga Routine



(The previous upload of this video is having troubles, so I’ve re-uploaded!)
This set of yoga stability exercises works on the shoulders and hips and includes
rhythmic scapular stabilization exercises,
exercises for hip flexion and extension, and
basic stability exercises that build on the same principles included in the side plank stability video:
Exercises include:
1:55 Spinal Backbending and Feeling the Spinal Erectors
4:47 Table Top Prep (Using the shoulders to lift the ribcage (And spinal erectors to open the chest)
7:18 Table Top with Hips Lifted
8:14 Boat Pose Hip Flexion with knee Bent
9:40 Staff Pose Knee extension and Quadricep Activation
10:55 Boat Pose Hip Flexion with Knee Extension (and Quad Activation)
12:22 Extended Cat Pose with Spinal Erector, Glute and Hamstring Activation
16:58 Dog Pose Knee Lift (and Shoulder Activation) for hip flexor activation
19:24 High Lunge front leg activation and Rear Leg foot activation with knee lift
23:14 Low Lunge with leg activation
28:20 Push Up Progression
32:53 Shoulder Stretch (recovery from push ups)
35:56 Bakasana.