Beginners Yoga Poses



Here are some beginners yoga poses that are great for those that are just starting their yoga practice.

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Bridge Pose – Setu Bandhasana
Bridge Pose is known as Setu Bandhasana in Sanskrit. Setu means “bridge.” As you form a bridge with your chest, hips, and legs visualize a tall bridge arching over a rushing river.

Cobra Pose – Bhujanga
Bhujanga means “serpent.” As you do this pose, pretend that you’re a snake stretching slowly and gracefully toward the sky. Cobra pose strengthens the back and arms, stretches the front of the body, and opens the chest and improves your postures.

Half Tortoise – Balasana
This is a variation of Child’s Pose. It’s a resting pose that’s good to do after a difficult or backward bending pose like Cobra. Imagine that the curve of your back is the rounded shell of a tortoise.

Cat Pose – Chakravakasana
Have you ever seen a cat arching and stretching after a nap? In this pose, you stretch like a lazy cat. Cat Pose makes the spine and pelvis more flexible. It tones the front of the body and builds strength in the arms. The cat is also a great warm-up. Instead of holding in each position, keep it moving, arching upward on the in-breath and downward on the out-breath. Do eight sets (a set is one downward arch and one upward arch.)

Child’s Pose – Balasana
Child’s Pose is an excellent resting posture to do after a difficult or backward-bending pose, or one that works the arms and shoulders like Downward Dog. Bala means “child,” and Balasana gets it’s name from the fact that some babies sleep in this position — so go back a few years and pretend that you’re a snoozing baby! Child’s Pose stretches the lower back and massages the stomach and pelvic area.

Pose of Eight Points – Astanga Namaskar
In this pose, your body makes a zigzag — your heels, your bottom, and the top of your head form the upward-pointing zigs! This pose stretches the stomach and strengthens the lower back.

Seated Twist – Sukhasana
Suka means joy or pleasure, and Sukahasana, seated twist is the easiest of the seated postures. This version adds a twist to spice things up. As you twist around, visualize a barber’s pole with colored stripes twisting around and up to help you sit taller, and twist around farther.

Corpse Pose – Savasana
No, you don’t have to be dead to do corpse pose. This is the classic position for yoga relaxation. As you do corpse pose imagine that you can float above your body and look down at yourself. See yourself in a state of complete rest with every muscle relaxed.

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