Beginner Yoga for the Inflexible – Special Guest Melissa West {50 min}



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I’ve got a special video for you today yogis! I’m collaborating with Dr. Melissa West from Yoga with Melissa to bring you a beginner hatha yoga class called, Beginner Yoga for the Inflexible. Yoga is about so much more than flexibility. It is about shifting your awareness from the external demands of the world into a more embodied internal awareness and focus. Through yoga you can connect to your breath, release physical, mental, emotional and energetic tension. You can build strength, and increase your mobility and balance.

Today’s yoga class is a beginner’s yoga class for complete beginners. In this yoga class I will offer lots of modifications and explain the benefits of each pose. I offer easy to follow, step by step yoga poses. The class begins with a preview of all the poses so that you will know that this is a class you can do.

In this yoga class you will increase mobility in your hip joints, Through movement you will expand the capacity of your breath by opening your intercostal, back and chest muscles and increase the awareness of your breath as you coordinate your breath and movement. Through yoga postures you will build strength in your core, glutes, hamstrings, legs, ankles, back, We will practice yoga postures to increase the mobility of your spine and release tension in your spine and central nervous system. There are several yoga postures in this class to improve your balance. We will begin and end with guided relaxation to release stress and strain from your body, mind, and emotions.


Props Needed: Blocks or cushion, Chair, Wall,

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“Saying you’re not flexible enough for yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath.” Unknown

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