Beginner Yin Yoga – 45 min Full Body Stretch: Episode 366




​Today’s Yoga with Melissa class is a collaboration and features a special guest, Kassandra from her YouTube channel Yoga with Kassandra. Kassandra has kindly filmed a yin yoga class for all of you.

This beginner friendly yin yoga class is a fantastic way to give your joints some TLC. Yin yoga is a passive practice where we learn to work with gravity to reduce stress and anxiety, improve joint health and increase our range of motion. Yogis with limited flexibility will enjoy these simple poses that can produce big results when done consistently. I’m not using any props during this practice but you may want to have 1 block and 1 strap close by. The three principles of Yin Yoga are: finding your edge, holding the pose and being still. This means that we are never trying to push ourselves further into a pose and risking injury. Respect your body and listen to the feedback you are receiving. We also want to remain still without engaging the muscles to bring the stress to our joints as opposed to our muscular tissues. Yin yoga asanas are held anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes. In this beginner practice, most poses will be held for about 3 minutes. Always remember that you can come out of a pose at any time!

​I’m excited to ​welcome Kassandra on my channel and look forward to future collaborations​ with other Yoga instructors from YouTube​. Please leave your requests for other YouTube yoga teachers that you would like to see on my channel in the comments below. ​​Or, if you are a Yoga teacher on YouTube who would like to collaborate, let me know 🙂 ​

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