Beginner Level Aerial Yoga Play Training



April 2013 Aerial Yoga Practice in SF with Jen Healy

Basic training practice for Aerial Yoga Play classes, workshops, and trainings.
All original sequences by Jen Healy, founder of Aerial Yoga Play.
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Let your yoga take flight and swing your way into feeling fit while having fun– outside!

Aerial Yoga Play combines all the benefits of traditional yoga- flexibility, strength and balance – with the unique conditioning of aerial dance and acrobatics for an exhilarating new way of approaching yoga. Sculpt your body in the air, using our special yoga swings, as you tone muscles, find balance, and increase flexibility.

Aerial Yoga Play allows a combination of benefits similar to aerial yoga, pilates, suspended resistance training, acrobatics, and aerial silks all rolled into one for an amazing suspended fitness experience.

Our Aerial Yoga Swings are specially made to be supportive, stretchy, and comfortable. They support your body in your yoga practice and increase your ability to enter into challenging poses, like backbends and inversions, with more safety and ease.

Come discover that Aerial Yoga Swings are one of the most effective tools you can use to stretch/suspend the body, open up the spine, and create more space in the neck and lower back which provides a unique advantage in rehabilitating these commonly strained areas.

Aerial Yoga Play is creating one of the most beneficial ways of using gravity to accelerate healing, while building strength, balance, and openness.
Awaken your courageous inner child and come play with us!

For more information, and to purchase your own aerial yoga swing, visit our website:

Yoga Translations:
1) Squats/Lounges/Back Bend
 circles
 side to side
 twists

2) Forward Folds
 wide straddle
 elbow locks

3) Leg Stretches—Floating Buddha
both legs—
 windshield wipers
 side tree
 namaste
 Flying monkey
one leg—
 side lounge
 core strength
 twists
 hook
BONUS: –hammock

4a) Chillaxin’
 childs
 starfish
 namaste
 ladle
 back bends (bow—grab ankles)
 skydiver
 flying butterfly

4b) Dancing Shiva
 splits (straight arms)
 lunges
 lunge with bend knee, foot grab
 flying arrow
 hanuman

5) Inversions
 peaceful warrior (wrap legs and hang)
 happy Buddha (feet together, hands in prayer)
 backbend
 scorpion (wide legs)
 allies (one handed toe touch)

6) Vinyasa Flow
 namaste
 starfish
 wide straddle
 inverted flip
 cobra

7) Super Fky Snucka
Inversion—peaceful warrior
arch— leg loops in hands
 super fly
 banking left/right
 chatarungas
 elbow hang
shoulder stand—leg loops on shoulders
 christ consciousness
 back bends
 elbow hangs

8) Situps and Leg Stretches
Core: upside down—hands in leg loops
 wide leg situps
 scissors
 rowing
 balance, bend one leg

Legs: upside down—grab toes
 wide legs, straight
 butterfly, feet together
 straight legs, legs together
 one leg straight, side stretch