BeFiT Beginners Yoga: Bikini Body Yoga Workout- Kino MacGregor



BeFiT Beginners Yoga: Bikini Body Yoga Workout with Kino MacGregor is a 12-minute total body-toning Yoga routine that was engineered to burn calories, engage the abdominal muscles, and sculpt a lean and sexy swimsuit-ready body just in time for summer through a unique series of beginner level Yoga postures. Elongate the spine strengthen the core with World-Renowned International Yoga Instructor, Author, Producer, and founder of Miami Life Center, Kino MacGregor as she takes you step-by-step through this inspirational flowing segment from the exciting new “BeFiT Beginners Yoga” Series, exclusively on BeFiT. Learn how to start off with a positive self-image to pursue consciousness as it is one of the keys to success in Yoga practice. Re-shape your body as you tone the arms, abs, legs, shoulders, chest, buttocks and oblique’s for defined beach-ready results. Release tension, build strength, and relieve anxiety as you join Kino on this Yoga journey right from your own home to find a healthy balance between a strong, steady mind and a happy, free body that will leave you feeling refreshed, confident, and energized, growing stronger with each day. You will need a Yoga mat, a bottle of water and a towel to complete this workout that is perfect for any skill levels. Click here for additional BeFiT Beginners Yoga workouts:
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