Arthritis Alleviating Yoga Routine: Combo Flex (open level)



This Yogea routine comprises a compendium of poses and breathing techniques that instruct proper posture, lubricate the joints and decrease the uric acid that causes swelling and inflammation. Deep breathing brings vital energy into the intervertebral disks and boost the production of synovial fluid in the articulating cartilage. Special accessible poses stretch the joints and strengthens the muscles that support them. Each pair of joint is addressed simultaneously through a wide variety of actions – flexion, extension, supination, pronation, rotation and torsion so you can increase your movement range and amplitude. Hip and shoulder openers target the health of the ball and socket joints; knee and elbow strengtheners stimulate the hinge joints while wrist and ankle rotations lubricate the hands and feet. A seated and reclining wind down emphasizes spinal twists to decompress the spine, and forward bending hip and shoulder openers to cultivate right posture. Gentle circles of all the joints in a supine position bring awareness into every joint. A relaxing meditation releases accumulated tension and uses imagery to reduce inflammation and revives the power in the joints to articulate and move with control and abandon.