Abs Toning Yoga Routine: Zip The Core (open level)



This Yogea Abs Toning sequence offers a unique blend of pulsing abdominal twists, pelvic tilts and intercostals’ extensions and varied core strengtheners engaging the front of the body and the buttocks. The sequence kicks off with forearm plank exercise to fire up the front and side abdominals. It integrates kneeling core strengtheners that work simultaneously on the upper and lower body. Lateral twists alternate with subtle hip openers to lengthen and strengthen the sides of the waist. Standing balances and seated poses are linked with supported backbends to create a sense of equilibrium and openness. Supine belly toners firm the entire torso and reclining twists decompress the spine evening both sides out. Comforting forward bends sooth the body and the mind and create a strong center of integrity and radiance. The flow introduces an effect of “pulsing and bouncing” into the pose to prepare the ligaments for deeper stretch. No relaxation is offered as this is an invigorating practice to get you up and going.