8 Yoga Poses for Relaxation



Here is a yoga sequence that you can practice to calm, soothe and nourish your nervous system. This is great before bed, as it will relax your mind and body.

Childs’s Pose —
Child’s pose encourages full body relaxation, and is a great pose to restore the body’s natural circulation. Since your head is lower than your heart, you receive more circulation to your face, which provides a calming effect to your brain, and helps to clear your mind of any negative thought.

It also helps you to focus, and is a good aid for those who suffer from panic attacks. It’s important to breathe deeply into the pose, inhaling positive thoughts, and exhaling all the tension throughout your body.

Spinal Rock —
Spinal rock is said to have a soothing effect on your mind and body. The motion of rocking back and forth massages all the spinal erector muscles and awakens the spinal fluid. This increases flexibility in your spine, and can delay the ravages of old age.

The massage to your spine also relaxes your nervous system, which improves the connection between your nervous system and other parts of your body. If practiced before bed, you can be rest assured that you will sleep better, as this pose helps to cure insomnia. Deep breathing is important while performing this posture.

Butterfly Pose —
Butterfly pose opens up the hips and groin, increases vitality in your digestive organs, and frees energy flow in the pelvic area. It’s a great pose for pregnant women in preparation for childbirth, and for those who want relief from mild depression.

It stretches your inner thighs, and can proved great relief for wheelchair bound patients. You can sit in butterfly pose for at least 1 minute, while breathing deeply. Your hips will love this pose, plus your lower back will get a nice stretch as well.

Plow Pose —
Plow pose does wonders to your body both physically and mentally. It’s an extreme forward bend that puts pressure on your chest and the back of your neck. This opens up all the chakras within your body simultaneously, creating balance. Plow pose helps to relieve stress, and can help you achieve greater concentration abilities.

It increases blood circulation within the whole body, and enhances hormonal stimulation, which helps with immune function.

Spinal Twist —
Unwinding with a seated twist is a great way to relieve stress, mild depression and anxiety. Twists are poses that squeeze and massage your internal organs clearing them of unwanted built up of toxins. Detoxification on a regular basis is important, as toxins build up in the body and can cause disease.

A seated twist is great for your spine and the muscles around it. This is because every nerve of the body roots from the spine. When you twist and release the spine, you are affecting the nerves in your whole body. It’s important to lengthen the spine before twisting to create space between every vertebra. This restores the natural range of motion of the spine, stimulates the internal organs, rebalances the hormones, and increases circulation throughout your body.

One Leg Forward Bend —
One leg forward bend works with your third or solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for distributing the energy in your body. There is also a positive effect on the digestive system, as the forward bending stimulates and massages your organs.

Forward bending also relaxes your mind, and improves concentration due to the increase of blood flow and blood circulation in your upper body and head. This is why it also good for diabetes. It regulates the sugar in your blood by this activation of blood circulation.

Downward Dog —
Downward dog creates great sensations within your body, from your toes up to your hips, and down to your fingertips. Downward dog decreases tension in the head by keeping it relaxed.

Being upside down sends blood and vital nutrients to your brain, which helps to improve full body circulation. By elongating the spine and neck you improve your posture, which is great for those who sit all day in front of a computer and slouch their back.

Hero Pose —
Hero pose is a wonderful pose for meditation. It improves circulation and relieves tired legs. The internal rotation of the upper legs and knees is opposite to the movement involved in Lotus Pose; it both stretches and loosens the hips, knees and ankles. For some people this position is pretty easy, for others it is one of the most frustrating pose.

While sitting in hero pose, you can also do cow face pose with your arms. This gives you a nice stretch to your armpits, triceps and chest. If your fingers do not touch behind your back, then you may use a strap to bridge the gap.

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